Channel Nine and Parliament cyber attacks – what do we know and what can we learn from these incidents so far?

30.3.2021 The past weekend saw two high profile organisations hit by cyber attacks, with Channel Nine describing the attack as the largest on a media company in Australia’s history.

A variety of versions have been published regarding the vectors used in the cyber-attacks. The real causes are still unknown. However, the consequences have been obvious and serious. Channel Nine was unable to go live with several programs and Parliament staff did not have mobile access to their emails over the weekend. Considering the known impact that was caused it is most likely more systems will have been affected.

Whilst further details of the possible attack vector are being discovered (e.g unknown attack/exploit or known tool/attack), there are lessons for the private sector in the experience Nine has suffered. As we know, cyber attacks are increasing in frequency, so it’s essential to prepare your organisation on the assumption that one day your systems may be compromised.

SureCity Networks have put together some tips that could prevent an attack in your organization.

10 basic steps to protect your business from a cyber breach;

  1. Ensure threat prevention signatures/profiles are updated
  2. Strengthen your cyber security awareness campaign
  3. Patch and keep your software up to date
  4. Refrain from opening attachments that look suspicious
  5. Never give out personal information
  6. Enhance email & endpoint protections
  7. Turn on multi-factor authentication
  8. Validate integrity of backups
  9. Use strong passwords
  10. Ensure your IRP and BCP plans are fit-for-purpose and tested

5 advanced recommendations to prevent a cyber-attack

  1. Full L7 segmentation of the network
  2. Block known malicious Tor IP addresses
  3. Use Software Restriction Policies\Application Whitelisting
  4. Identify your critical data
  5. Implement controls to secure critical data\assets

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