What are the processes we use to successfully deliver projects at SureCity Networks?


Our project manager Jenny Duque discusses the processes she follows when managing SureCity Network projects. With over eight years international expertise in the cyber security sector, Jenny provides SureCity Networks with unique insight to ensure our projects are planned and executed with cyber security knowledge at the forefront. 

 ‘Risk identification and the definition of clear and achievable strategies with the client in the early phase is essential’ explains Jenny Duque. “This allows us to focus our efforts on obtaining quick wins as it mitigates and reduces the clients risk exposure”.

Having been part of different International Cybersecurity projects throughout her career Jenny’s biggest advantage is her experience in technical roles. This provides her with the ability to have a critical perspective on how to approach each project depending on the particular needs of each deliverable. ‘Our goal is to provide our customers with value from the first deliverables. We achieve this by breaking the project requirements into smaller pieces or sprints which are then prioritised by our team in terms of importance and impact in customer security.’ This process, explains Jenny, lets us identify additional stakeholders or hidden tasks.

‘As a team we work under an Agile Framework which leads us to use functional software, such as Kanban boards, which streamline documentation’. According to Jenny, SureCity Networks project management process is able to provide advantage to customers by:

  • -Ensuring the Product Owner is part of the work team throughout the development of the project to avoid long interactions or the use of complex tools.
  • -Encouraging the stakeholders to be open to the negotiation in case of requiring any change in the course of the project, enabling flexibility in our work team, instead of requiring to follow or add contractual documents.
  • -Establishing assertive and effective communication channels with all project stakeholders. This enables targeted outcomes on time and with the quality expected by the customer, and enables us to react to changes early and evaluate different solution alternatives such as remote implementation.


SureCity Networks provides managed services, consultancy and products to medium and large scale businesses. Services cover proactive threat management, support, incident response with products covering endpoint security, network monitoring, and perimeter and network security.

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