Think working from home or remotely increases cyber security risks? Maybe, it’s time to think again.

14.10.2022  Incase you missed hearing our CEO and Founder Tim Kirk speak at the Australian Cyber Conference 2022 in Melbourne (11-13th October) here is an extract from his presentation sharing insights around Remote Working.


Think working from home or remotely increases cyber security risks? Maybe, it’s time to think again. “Aside from the physical security aspects – you’re not working in a coffee shop with the company accounts up and no screen protector, and the fact it’s hard to police when people aren’t working from static IP addresses like they have at home or the office because you can’t control where the data is, there’s actually several ways in which it’s better,” says SCN CEO and found Tim Kirk.

“The office environment isn’t always as secure as you’d imagine, anyway,” he says. “A lot of the time, you can walk in, plug in a laptop and, with very few challenges or things like multifactor identification, be straight on the internet. That’s a nightmare. My argument is actually that working from home it’s actually more secure being on a VPN. First, it’s only accessible over the internet, so it’s optimised to allow remote users to log in. Then, you usually have to present domain credentials, perhaps something like a corporate certificate, and lots of customers also use some kind of authenticator – that’s three factors of authentication that basically guarantee whoever’s on the drive accessing the information, is that person. You have 1,000 people from your office doing that from home and you know exactly who’s on your network.”

SCN calls this Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA), says Kirk, adding “COVID has basically delivered digital transformation to get the whole company on ZTNA. My view is that, when people eventually come back into the office, we’ve done all the hard work; let’s take the model and run with it internally, which a lot of customers have already done.”

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