SureCity Networks First Year Review

10.06.2019 We speak with SureCity Network’s (SCN) founder Tim Kirk on some of the highs and lows navigating his first year in business.

Congratulations on your first year of business. Can you share with us some of your highlights?

It has been a whirlwind start at SCN. We have successfully built and delivered to one of our major law firm clients TARA (Traps Analytics, Reporting & Alerts), which marries security events and business contexts together. This approach enables our clients to respond appropriately, measured against business risk. Alert fatigue is something our clients raised with us as one of their key concerns and we feel TARA closes the gap significantly.

And what have been some of the biggest challenges you’ve faced?

Recruitment, finding the right sort of skills and attitude. To enable us to disrupt the market, we require and already have been fortunate to hire very talented people who fit our culture. Finding the right sort of environment to harness creativity – we started in a 3 x 3m box with no windows and now occupy a character filled historic building, kitted out in a contemporary style.

What led you to launch SureCity Networks?

One of the reasons we started the business was the lack of partners who could deliver across Cloud, Security, Network and Operations. SCN have specialist skills across all of these areas which has enabled us to deliver several high-profile cloud and complex DC migrations. We are investing heavily in this area, as we believe unifying these services is the only way to truly secure our clients journey to the cloud and beyond.

Looking ahead what are your aspirations for SCN?

We want to continue to disrupt the market, and in doing so are looking to further enhance our managed services business with an integrated customer portal which unifies both operations and security. We believe that automating incident response playbooks throughout the technology stack is key to success. We are also looking to develop a risk, governance and security assessment consultancy with tighter integration with NIST and MITRE. Whilst the bad guys don’t follow the rules, these frameworks are a great starting point. Another goal is to build and roll-out an industry-leading Incident Response team.

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