Is your company best protected from cyber attack?

11.07.2019 We provide our top 10 tips to ensure your company is best protected from cyber attack.

  1. Patch, patch and patch. There are very few ‘true’ exploitable zero-day vulnerabilities out there. The majority of breaches are a direct result of poor patch discipline.
  2. Ensure Threat Prevention technologies (IPS, AV, APT, etc..) are set to prevent. If you do not trust your technology to block, then it’s time to find a new one!
  3. Migrate to a next-gen AV provider which enforces decisions based on machine-learning/AI and attack techniques. Traditional signature-based AV is no longer up to the job.
  4. Deploy a security technology stack which can be driven automatically and independently to achieve instant response/remediation.
  5. Don’t be bullied into enabling unsecure business processes; unvetted inbound access, unsecure communication protocols, domain admin group inclusion – to name a few.
  6. Deploy MFA. Now! Compromised credentials are still the most common vector. Weak passwords or password reuse is still definitely one of the biggest sins.
  7. Monitor all infrastructure for anomalies (24/7/365), but ensure you do not fall victim to event fatigue.
  8. Train your users! People are still the weakest link in the chain.
  9. Have regular red -team penetration tests, in fact they should be instructed as an ongoing engagement.
  10. Apply the same level of security controls to 3rd party suppliers and software – there is no such thing as a trusted partner.

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