Let’s set some honey traps

27.02.2020 One of the best ways to protect your business from cyber breaches is to deploy a full prevention model with zero-trust. Despite this, breaches often come from within your own team when you least expect it. How do you catch people who are deliberately snooping where they shouldn’t? In our latest partner signing we’re excited to be working with the awesome tech platform Thinkst Canary. Let’s set some honey traps!

What is a honey pot?

A honeypot is a system designed to lure hackers into revealing their behaviour, and ultimately, a trap to catch them in the act. Honeypots are successfully deployed in both internal and external environments. Whilst this concept has been around for a long time new tech platform Thinkst Canary enables it to be used in a simple and resource effective way.

Why use a honeypot?

Whilst honeypots can be used to expose attackers, maybe even more powerful is the ability to track and gain intelligence of how they are carrying out their dirty work. Watching and analysing the techniques used by attackers helps expose behaviour patterns and build stronger defences.

How can honeypots be deployed in your business?

The Thinkst Canary platform makes tokens available that can be deployed throughout your environment. Once they get activated, you are notified along with other interesting information about the adversary.

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