21.02.2023 Prevention is better than cure. We know that, and so do those clients that we’ve worked with and kept safe. Which is why we have to evolve with the increasingly complex, intelligent and varied threat landscape that’s out there. Several key trends dominated the last year for us and influenced how we approached our work. Here, SCN CEO and Founder Tim Kirk runs through some of them.

“There’s been a number of things at play,” he states. “First, ransomware shows no signs of slowing down – the monetisation of cyber crime has just exploded. There’s still a load of businesses out there with really poor security practices and procedures, to the extent we’re seeing some clients having issues with their insurance providers and their cyber security policies. We’re using that point as the basis for a bit of health check work with our clients that basically says ‘you might not have these specific compliance regulations, but through our services we can align you with best business practices, tighten security and align you with things like the Australian Signals Directorate Essential 8, a government security baseline that makes it much harder for systems to be compromised.

“We’re also seeing recruiting and resourcing issues among companies, at the same time as complexity is increasing. And that’s bad,” says Kirk, “more complex operations and less resources is a double whammy of risk that you want to avoid. Because of that, a lot of how we’re evolving with our clients is about taking on managed SOC, on top of other services we may have already been providing. And that’s really important, because as we’re already a trusted partner and have good visibility over what’s going on it makes complete sense for us to cover cyber security and network security. And because of the risks, I think people are really starting to see the benefit of that.”

To further support our clients we have recently developed a new assessment tool which identifies strengths and vulnerabilities in systems. During the month of March we are offering a complementary assessment. If you would like to take up this offer please reach out to Ed Jamieson.

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