Celebrating International Women’s Day

08.03.2022 In recognition of International Women’s Day 2022 we share some of the journey’s our talented team have taken to #breakthebias in Cyber Security.

Jenny Duque

What is your role at SureCity Networks?

I am the Head of Cyber Security. Within my responsibilities are the Operations Centre and the definitions of security strategies across our customer environments. I am also in charge of the PMO, deploying cyber security and network projects.

What attracted you to a career in cyber security?

I have been working in Cyber Security for more than 7 years. I’d say like a lot of people in IT, I started my IT career in IT support. Being in that role within the bank industry gave me the visibility of how companies were dealing with the new threats in cyberspace. A couple of years later I decided to get ISO27001 just to have an overview of what it would involve and brought me an interest in how to do risk analysis, security strategies for new products, services and also discover all the different tools that were available in the market.

What advice would you give to women joining the profession?

Be confident of who you are and the knowledge you have.  Be competitive and never fear showing the world what you are capable of.

How can the IT industry act to #breakthebias?

From my point of view, IT is one of the industries that promote the most women’s inclusion and equality. Further improvements will be more exposure of women’s success in their roles, having laws that protect us against any discrimination. Promote a women’s network where we can support each other.

Andrea Romo

What is your role at SureCity Networks?
Business Administrator

What attracted you to a career in cyber security?

A love and curiosity for learning. Cybersecurity is a fast-changing environment that brings a new challenge on a daily basis, with self-development as a result.

What advice would you give to women joining the profession?

1) Speak up and be clear! It can be hard to speak up at times in a room full of men with more experience than you, but not doing it will cause more problems.

2) Don’t be afraid to ask, nobody knows it all.

How can the IT industry act to #breakthebias?

By supporting and participating events that promote women in Engineering and Science, especially those targeted at an undergraduate audience.

Orga Samarasinghe

What is your role at SureCity Networks?
Cyber Security Analyst

What aspect of working in cyber security do you find the most fascinating?

I find it very interesting as it has the possibility to make people’s lives better by adding an extra layer of security to their everyday work.

How has completing your master’s in information technology, Network Management supported what you’re doing now?

Even though my master is a network management special, it assists my career in cyber security in numerous ways. Specially being able to understand how the network behaves allows me to understand the security concepts faster and thereby allows me to determine efficient ways to apply them in the network.

What do you enjoy most about working at SureCity Networks?

It is the team and the exposure I am getting. The SureCity Networks team has been very helpful from day one. I am getting exposure to new technologies. It allows me to grow as a person and enhance my experience in the cyber security field.

What are you looking forward to most in 2022?

For starters, getting better and gaining more experience in my career. Travel more, spend time with family, and enjoy every second of the year ahead.

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